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Hypnotherapy Diploma

GHSC accreditation

The Hypnotherapy Diploma is structured in two 3-day modules.

This Hypnotherapy Diploma Course page includes:


We teach students understanding and safe applications of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

  1. To enable the students to gain an understanding of the nature of hypnosis; to understand the professional and ethical issues surrounding hypnosis as a therapeutic approach.
  2. For the students to have a general understanding of procedures for the application of hypnosis to common psychological disorders and difficulties, medical problems, and interventions; and to understand the rationale behind their use.
  3. To enable the student to teach their clients suitable methods of self-hypnosis.
  4. To enable the student to apply the process of hypnosis competently and confidently.
  5. To enable the student to recognise whenever an unforeseen problem arises with a client that they, as a hypnotherapist, are not equipped to deal with; how to manage such a problem safely and how to refer on as appropriate.
  6. To enable the student to explain the principles and uses of hypnosis to raise public awareness and understanding of hypnosis.



Module 1: Intro to Hypnosis: Underpinning Theory and Principles and Methods of Induction
The first module of the course is an introduction to hypnosis, techniques and treatments which will be invaluable for stress management and self improvement techniques. Along with hypnosis suggestibility test, you will have the opportunity to learn and practice methods of induction to start to build your skills.

Module 2: Hypnosis: The Sensory World, Language Patterns and Models of Communication
During the second module, you will be introduced to a range of personality types, that impact hypnotisability and the concept of mind-made movies. Next we will provide you with the opportunities to develop your understanding of how our language shapes our world, the structures of time that impact beliefs and how stories are naturally hypnotic and influential. The module concludes with developing effective treatment plans to create lasting change.

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Core Curriculum

  • Nature of Hypnosis
  • History of hypnosis
  • Theories of hypnosis
  • Hypnotisability, scales, categorisation and flexibility of approach
  • Safety aspects
  • Selection and preparation of the client
  • Rapport, observation and feedback
  • Inductions and deepening
  • Ego-strengthening and positive suggestion
  • Anchoring
  • Self-hypnosis
  • Uses in clinical practice
  • Professional and ethical issues – good practice.
  • Treatment of anxiety
  • Introduction to psychosomatic disorder
  • Ideomotor signalling
  • Pain – analgesia / anaesthesia
  • Phobias – desensitisation
  • Reframing –treatment of habit disorder
  • Managing abreaction
  • Handling past trauma
  • The Therapeutic Relationship – drawbacks and uses
  • Use and construction of metaphor

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What does it cost?

The 6-day Hypnotherapy Diploma is GHSC accredited and costs £950 including GHR registration.

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Course Dates:

  • Module 1: 2nd to 4th February 2024
  • Module 2: 9th to 11th February 2024
  • Module 1: 11th to 13th October 2024
  • Module 2: 18th to 20nd October 2024


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PLEASE NOTE: The Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy offered by Balanced Approach has been Assessed and Accredited at Foundation Level by The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (UK). Successful graduates are eligible for registration with The General Hypnotherapy Register (the GHSC’s Registering Agency) at Affiliate Status. To move to full practitioner status you will need to complete additional modules. Please see Clinical Hypnotherapy Course accreditation

For full Practitioner status please refer to our Clinical Hypnotherapy Course by clicking here