Birmingham Hypnotherapy Training


Language of change

power of wordsModule 3: Language of Change

This module builds and extends on your knowledge developed, in the first module, via more advanced techniques and the classic patterns of NLP including:

  • Ability To Shift Consciousness
  • Chunking to clarify focus
  • Accessing and Building Resources
  • Content & Context Reframing
  • The Meta Model – How our language defines and creates our reality
  • The Milton Model – Artfully vague language and persuasive language - (Language of Milton Erickson)


Richard Bandler and John Grinder met and modelled key people in the fields of linguistics including Frank Farrelly, Milton Erickson, Nome Chomsky, Fritz Perls, Alfred Korzybski and more... This work shows us the power of our words that go far beyond the words alone.


Successful completion of modules 3 and 4 enable you to gain an additional qualification as an NLP Practitioner accredited by the Society of NLP (SNLP)


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