Birmingham Hypnotherapy Training


building blocks of change

Module 2: Build Blocks of Change


build rapport

In this module you will be immersed in the core methodology of NLP, learn the classic patterns and processes of NLP and be given plenty of time to practice and develop your skills as they apply to the field of hypnosis; these include:

  • Behavioural integration of the basic presuppositions of NLP
  • Rapport establishment & maintenance
  • Verbal & Non-verbal pacing, matching and leading
  • Calibrating through sensory experience
  • Representational Systems (Sensory Predicates and Accessing Cues)
  • Elicitation of Well-Formed Goals.
  • How to structure an intervention.
  • Eliciting, Installing & Utilising Anchors.
  • The power of Submodalities for change
  • Representational systems and their impact on chance
  • Strategy Detection, Elicitation and Utilisation
  • Timelines - overcoming limits and creating motivation to change


Richard Bandler and John Grinder modelled many excellent people including Milton Erickson, Virginia Satir and Gregory Bateson, among others. This work was groundbreaking and spawned EMDR, solution focused therapy, Emotional Intelligence and more.


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